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Soup and Salad

S1. Miso Soup                            2.5

   Soy bean soup severed with seaweed, green onion

S2.Crunch Noodle soup             5
  Thin noodle and crunch bits in fish broth

S5.Green Salad                         6
 Mixed vegetable with special   home   dressing

S6. Seaweed Salad                    6
 Japanese style seaweed salad   with ponzu sauce

S7. Sunomono Salad                 10
  Sliced cucumber, shrimp, tamago,  crab meat,

    clam with  Japanese style seaweed salad

S8. Avocado Salad                     8
  Mixed Veges with Avocado on top

S9. Salmon/Avocado Salad        12
   Mixed Veges with fresh salmon  and avocado on top

S10.Crab Meat Salad                 7
   Shredded imitation crab meat mixed with cucumber, 

   masago and mayo

S12.Spicy Sashimi salad            14

    Assorted sashimi and vegetable  with house 

    spicy dressing


​S13. Steamed Rice                     2.5



S14. Sushi Rice                          3





P1. Edamame                         6
    Boiled soy beans  

AP2. Gyoza                             7
6 pcs deep fried vegetable/beef dumpling

AP3. Spring Roll                     7
6pcs vegetable spring roll

AP4. Agedashi Tofu                7
6 pcs deep fried tofu with Teriyaki sauce

​AP5. Tempura Appetizer       13
  2pcs deep fried shrimp and 6pcs assorted  vegetable

AP6. Calamari Tempura         13 

    Deep fried breaded squid rings

AP7. Sushi Pizza                    13

     Choice of Salmon/Spicy salmon/Tuna/
      spicy Tuna on deep fried sush rice

AP9. Sashimi Appetizer         15
9pcs of chief's selection of sashimi

AP10. Chicken Kara age        13    

     Deep fried Chicken ​

Ap11. Beef Tataki                  13
Seared beef with ponzu sauce

Shrimp Tempura                     13

 5pcs of deep fried shrimp

Yam Tempura                            9

  8pcs of deep fried yam

Vegetable Tempura 8pcs            9

Tako Yaki 5pcs                            7

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