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N1. Vegetable Udon          15

N2.Chicken Udon               17

N3.Chicken Katsu Udon     20
N4. Beef Udon                   18

N7. Yaki Udon                    18
 Pan fried vegetable with Japanese noodle,

 choice of chicken, or beef

N8. Zaru Soba                  18
  Cold buckwheat noodle with dipping sauce with

  minced  radish and wasabi.

          Noodle Combo 

   Vege Udon            20 

   +Takoyaki 5pcs 

    or Tempura 4pcs (1 Shrimp 4 Veges )

    or Spring Roll

     or vege Gyoza 5pcs

     or Agedashi Tofu 

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